Heritage Restoration

At MEMORIST, our mission is to safeguard and preserve your written heritage for generations to come. With our comprehensive approach to heritage and document restoration, we strive to protect the essence and significance of your written heritage.


Written heritage can be damaged in various ways, from natural aging which leads to changes in the material that it is made of, to external pollution and increased consultation.

MEMORIST’S mission is to ensure the longevity and conservation of your written heritage.

Old document & paper restoration

Our restorers dispose of the equipment and materials specifically dedicated to the treatment of documents whether they are of ancient origins or recent editions.

The choice of their implementation methods are the result of a concerted and appropriate reflection on the nature and level of damage to the support.

For each work, our restorers systematically take into consideration the composition of the paper (nature, weight, tint) as well as the ink or any other pigments contained, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the restoration process for your old documents.

Restoration of old covers

Whether it is a question of leather bindings made on cardboard or on wooden boards, parchment or paper covers, all our actions are fully respectful of the original techniques and materials.

To do this, our bookbinder-restorers, perfectly trained in various historic binding techniques, are able to consolidate the existing cover without altering it, as well as producing past gestures.

Restoration of pictorial documents

Archive, museum and library collections contain a wealth of pictorial documents related to iconography (plans on paper, on tracing paper, on canvas, engravings, posters).

The variety of the supporting documents, the illustration techniques (inks, pigments, prints) and the methods of good conservation and final protection of the documents are perfectly mastered by our conservators. This enables us to always propose the most suitable heritage management solution.

Restoration of sealed or unsealed parchment documents

The treatment of these documents, from the most ancient collections, requires unique know-how. This is one of the trademarks that have contributed to the full recognition of our expertise.

Parchment skins, seal supports (silk lakes, tails) and wax seals are therefore treated with the utmost care in compliance with the ethical rules governing their handling.


For old registers as well as for administrative acts, new handmade and durable bindings can be made. We ensure that the binding and the gilding of administrative acts of municipalities are done in France in accordance of the regulations stipulated in the decree n°2010-783.

In the case of old registers requiring the replacement of its binding, we offer new traditional bindings, identical or new, that respect the original materials.

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