28 Nov, 2022

Digitization Efforts of the Austrian National Library

Heir to the Habsburg Court Library, the Austrian National Library holds more than 11 million documents, legal deposits and iconographic collections.

2 million flexible phototypes, 400,000 glass plates.

The Library’s goal is to make a large part of its inventory accessible by 2025.

It is within this framework that this contract for the digitization of 400,000 phototypes over a period of 4 to 6 years is being carried out.

The iconographic department (Bildarchiv) includes 400,000 image files as a continuation of the plans to digitize the press collections initiated in 2003. (Glass plates and soft negatives)

Phototypes National Library Austria

Tribvn Imaging: Selected Global Service Provider

Tribvn Imaging, a company of the Mobilitas group, part of the Memorist division was selected to provide a global service:

  • Transport Austria – France and back
  • Storage
  • Scanning
  • Identification

The customer needs high resolutions (between 1800 and 4700 dpi), handling, dusting. It is also necessary to respect the FADGI standards in a complex delivery structure in MD5 file and to carry out manual transfers of the dimensions in pencil.

We started the project in October 2022. Follow our blog in a few months to see how the project is progressing.

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